Booster Bucks / Gift Card Rebates

OrderForm_171114.111517Raise money for your student’s favorite activity, club or sport, WITHOUT spending any of your own money!

 Fundraising that doesn’t cost you anything?  What could be better?

Groceries, Gasoline, Restaurants, Retail, Airlines,
Rental Cars, Hotels, Theaters, Online Retailers

How it works: 

The gift cards are purchased at face value, then you spend them like cash.  Because we buy in quantity, we get the cards at a discounted price.  For each gift card purchased, a “rebate” is earned.  The rebates are added to your family account throughout the year, to be used toward the school group YOU choose; and in some cases, can be applied directly to your student!

Apply your earnings to:
Orchestra, Choir, Band, Flags, any Athletic Team, GS Stadium Turf, any school club such as Best Buddies, Chess, Drama, Forensics, Math Team, Mock Trial, and more – or donate to the Needy Family Fund, or the General Booster fund!  EACH FAMILY CHOOSES!

Plastic card orders are placed weekly during the school year, with orders due by 10:00 AM on Fridays and available for pick up the following Tuesday or Wednesday, in the Main Office or the Chairperson’s home address, by appointment only.

A special order  will be processed on Friday 7/14/17, with delivery on Tuesday, 7/18
Regular weekly orders will begin on Friday 8/25/17
Final order before Thanksgiving due on 11/17/17
Final order before Christmas due on 12/15/17

Fill out a paper order form for plastic cards.  Some merchants and denominations appear on the paper form, however many more are available.  Click here to download the full merchant list

There is room on the back of the order form for write-ins.  Enclose the order form with cash or check in an envelope labeled “Booster Bucks.”   Drop it off in the lock box next to the guard desk at the Main Entrance.  Alternatively, you may leave it at the Chairperson’s home.  Order deadline is 10 am on Fridays.


2)        Place your order online, any time day or night.  Pay online with PrestoPay, or pay with cash or check.
The deadline is still 10 am.  Order online here.

3)         Purchase ScripNow (electronic certificates) or reload select merchant’s cards anytime day or night.  Great Lakes provides a mobile website;  at many retailers, you can purchase ScripNow while waiting in line to check out!  Here is the mobile site 

Contact the Booster Bucks Chairperson for an enrollment code


Q.    Is PrestoPay safe?
A.    Your PrestoPay account is secured by a 4-digit PIN number you choose when you create your account. Keep that safe to ensure no else can place orders in your name. All PrestoPay transactions go through the same ACH process used by banks and major retailers, and it is very safe.

Q: When do I get the rebates?
A: Rebates are transferred internally to GBS only,  no external or “cash out option” is available.

Q.   What is the order deadline?
A.    10 am Friday in the main office, or to Booster Bucks chairperson’s home by appointment only.

Q.   When will orders be available for pick up?
A.    Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon (depending on FedEx delivery) in the Main Office at South, or from Booster Bucks Chairperson’s home, by appointment only.

Q.    What’s with the 25%
A.     It’s not 25%, it’s 0.25%, or one quarter of one percent.   When funds are transferred from family accounts to an activity at South, The Boosters retains a small percentage to cover the cost of shipping.

Q.     What’s the R, N, S, and ScripNow-only mean on the order form?
A.      R= Reload.  The reload will happen overnight.
RN=ReloadNow.  The reload will happen immediately.
S=ScripNow. These are electronic certificates, which are available to use immediately.
ScripNow-only.  These merchants offer electronic certificates only.  These must be purchased only with PrestoPay.

Q.     I have two students, can rebates be split between them?
A.     No.  One account at Great Lakes is for one student.  You could manage two separate accounts at Great Lakes.

Q.     How do I order Rosati’s Pizza certificates?
A.      Log into your account at Great Lakes.  Click “Shop”, then “Express Order” and start typing “Rosati’s”

For more information or questions
Email or call the booster bucks chair:
Marla Jedlicka